September 6, 2016

Scholarships 2017

For over thirty-five years, INTERLINK has helped students prepare for success at U.S. institutions of higher education. Expanding this opportunity, high-achieving students from selected countries may qualify for scholarships for the English language portion of their study. Students must be from African, Central Asian, East-Asian, European, or Latin American countries.

Any student who is a) not receiving government funds and b) full-time, may receive a scholarship. Awards are renewable each term, provided that recipients’ full-time status and grades do not change.

Based on the students’ grade point average (GPA), scholarships fall into the following four categories:

I. New Students
II. Family Members of Alumni
III. Governments and Sponsoring Agencies
IV. Discount Match

Explore SAU scholarships for international students.

To Apply: Please send a note expressing your interest to 

For additional scholarship opportunities, click the links below:

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